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by Abbey Pellow

UFD Fall Tablescape

Fall is one of our favorite seasons here around Urban Farmhouse. The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy on the sidewalks and pumpkins are EVERYWHERE. This year we are a little extra excited because we are having a pumpkin patch!

While we’ve been hustling and bustling around the warehouse getting things ready for the next few months, we thought what better way to help you get set up in your home than a simple fall tablescape to last you throughout the season!

The Tulip Crate

We started with one of our very own UFD tulip crates! We sell these guys right here in the warehouse or you can go online here and purchase one. They’re so versatile and can literally be used throughout the year for different centerpieces and tablescapes of all seasons. For this specific piece, however, that rustic reclaimed wood adds the perfect touch and feel of fall.

We centered our tulip crate on our table and this will be the anchor for our piece.

The Rusty Bucket

Second, we added a rusty old bucket. Buckets are just like tulip crates - You need one. They are extremely versatile, from bushels of flowers the spring to pumpkins like this arrangement.

We tossed a few moss balls into our bucket for added height. But, honestly, if you take a peek into the buckets and vases around the warehouse, we’ve used everything from moss balls to wadded up newspaper to achieve this effect.. Okay, maybe don’t look. (Haha)

The moss balls are solely to add height to your arrangement so that your pumpkins don’t get lost down there at the bottom.

Simple Fall Tablescape

The Pop of Color

Next, we add some greenery. As you know, just fall colors alone can often seem a little dull with all of the browns and greens. A pop of greenery is just what you need to add some brightness and accentuate the pumpkins - Which is what we do next!

Simple Fall Tablescape

The pumpkins are the star of the show in the fall. They’re just so cute and each one is unique. Grab a couple of pumpkins (you’re sure to fall in love with a few at the market) and place the first one in the bucket and the second one on top of two books. Stack them at an angle, stack them straight, whatever looks good to you!

Books are great little accent pieces! The older and more unique - the better.

Finishing Touches

As the last finishing touches on our simple fall tablescape, we added a gold antler for a bit of dimension in the color scheme and a little Halloween sign. Changing up your sign from October to Thanksgiving is an easy way to keep your tablescape current with the season without having to change it completely.

You’re done! It’s really that easy.

Click here to purchase your very own UFD Tulip Crate.

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Abbey Pellow
Abbey Pellow