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Urban Farm Girl | DIY Wintery White Christmas Tree

by Cherami Thomas


Farmgirl It Up

Today on Urban Farmgirl, I’m sharing the second half of my Holiday post.  I’ll show you how I created my Wintery White Christmas Tree, my flocked garland, and decorations.  I delivered a Christmas Miracle to you last week.  You probably were unaware of the phenomenon while it was happening at the time.  I was able to clean, decorate and photograph my house for my Christmas Home Tour all without losing my mind.  In fact, It was downright fun!  

In fact no animals were harmed during the making of this blog post. LOL, but of course it just wouldn’t be normal post without a least one Pic of my pups.  #ItsARuffLife

Below is a picture of my tree after I got it fluffy and bluffed (as I like to call it) and used additional lights from Raz to add some pizzaz!  As you can see there are quite a few holes throughout the tree at this point.  My plan was to make a Wintery White Themed Tree this year.  I knew they would be filled in with my microfiber dusters I ordered on Amazon.  Yes, I said dusters.  I have 4 kids, 3 dogs and a husband that proudly wears man-glitter (Sawdust).  I always have dusters in spades.  I figured…why not decorate with them this year?

Urban Farmgirl DIY Winter White Christmas Tree

This year I choose to put my tree in an Old Vintage Bucket I purchased in Round Top, TX.  I found it inside my store at Urban Farmhouse.  Not only did it give a Farmhouse look to my tree but I had another reason for using it.  For all the people out there with new puppies and want a Christmas Tree but are scared to put one up, here’s your solution.  Put your tree in a big bucket!  My tree is high enough off the ground and the ornaments are not easily accessible anymore.   For a similar Farmhouse Christmas look, check out these links of other wood buckets and boxes I found for you from Balsam Hill below.

Wood Box in 2 colors

Wine Barrel Bucket

Galvanized metal ring

Bottom of Tree Before

I wanted to show you an up close pic of the Cluster lights I used in my tree.  even though my tree was pre-lit I added these lights because they have 9 different setting to them and when they light up it looks magical!  They are the 44 ft. warm white strands from Raz.  Since I have a 9 foot tree I ended up using 3 boxes of these lights.  Click the link below if you want to see the short video clip I took of the lights on my tree twinkling at night (you even hear my pups walking around with me taking the video).  #TheyAreSoHelpful

Urban Farmgirl Wintery White Christmas Tree

Now for the Microfiber Dusters that everyone keeps asking me about.  I purchased 30 of these for my tree.  If you plan to do the back half of your tree I suggest you purchase 60.  My tree is up against a window so I don’t decorate it all around.  The link to the dusters I used is at the bottom of the post.  There are many different kinds of dusters out there.  I personally like the ones that are not stringy and look more like snow.  When I get them I take some scissors and cut them in half.  You will notice they are hard to cut so if you start the cut you can just tear the duster from there.  I then fan it open and place it in the tree for a more dramatic look.   Below is an up-close pic of the dusters.

1My next project was to make a vintage/retro tree topper that matched my ornaments.  The only problem was I could not find the color in the matte finish I wanted for the topper or my ornaments.  So this gave me the idea to just custom color them myself.  I mixed 3 different spray paints together to make a semi-matte metallic color for this tree.  I found some Christmas picks from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them for the tree topper.  I used the same color to spray all my ornaments with as well.  Going with a Flocked Tree and keeping with a Wintery White Theme I needed more of a muted tone for it.  Bright colors just weren’t doing it for me this year.

Topper in bag

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to spray paint these Christmas picks is to take an empty box and poke holes in the top.  This way you can get all the sides of the picks and they dry much faster.In the picture below you can see the ornaments I painted.  I used the same 3 spray paint colors on these as I did on the tree topper.  My ornaments were plastic ones you can buy from your local craft store.  I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby.  I also used antlers (that I spray painted with the same colors) throughout the tree to give it an Urban Farmhouse feel. The matte metallic is very Urban and the antlers are a bit Farmhouse so once you mix those 2 elements together, Volia, you’ve got an Urban Farm Feel.

Here is the tree topper I made. I found a Deer topper at Hobby Lobby that went with the antlers I placed throughout the tree.  I added this to the very top of the tree (after I spray painted it of course).  I used 6 of the picks I sprayed and placed them all around the Deer head.  I went to town twisting them in all different directions to give my topper a Vintage Retro Vibe!
Here are all 3 spray paints I used to achieve this look on the Christmas picks & ornaments.


Now Don’t Forget the Kids!  I have lots of Fun things I like to place around my house for my 4 kiddos. From a post office box for Letters to Santa, to Cookie Jars and of course the Infamous Elves on the Shelves!  I choose to think I can be Super Mom all the time but I have come to the sad realization that I can’t.  If you are extremely busy like me and need a little extra help with Elf planning there are great kits you can buy on Etsy that pre-plan out all your days for you and even sends you all the stuff for it.  The Shops name is called “Season of Ease”.  Link to the Shop is here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SeasonofEase




Twin PeaksAfter I finished my Wintery White Tree I decided to Flock my small trees and garland all around the house because, unfortunately they just didn’t match anymore.  My white tree was now looking out of place and I needed some more white throughout.  I started the process by cutting a hole in a plastic bag and wrapping it around the base of this little tree.  This way it would not get the flock spray all over it. Below is what it looks like once you start flocking your tree.  Just keep adding more spray for a thicker look.  The spray I used is called Sno Blower.  The link is at the bottom of the blog.

Spray Painting TreeBefore Pic of my garland on my fireplace.  As you can see it looks too GREEN and needs some Help!

Before Of GarlandNow if you are wondering what the Flock I’m talking about?  Flocking is adorning a tree, or garland with artificial snow.  I’m Southern.  I get my snow from a spray can.  There are so many wonderful things about Holidays in the South.  Hospitality, Cooking, and Southern Style.  White Christmas’ just aren’t one of them.

1When I took this picture all I could think of was…

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there…”

Another simple way to add a Holiday touch to your home is to take a pre-lit tree and throw it in a vintage bucket and put it on your console or buffet. If you have ornaments then decorate it with the colors in your room.  I bought my 4′ Christmas Tree from Home Depot.  My Vintage Bucket I snagged in Roundtop, TX.  I have ten of them that I am placing online for purchase!  Don’t wait to buy.  Because when they are gone…they are gone!!!

 This is what it looks like after I added ornaments to the tree.
Another super simple and quick idea is to take some left over ornaments and put them in a cloche you have in your kitchen.  Add a set of battery operated string lights with a timer and you are set.  P.S. Make sure you get lights with a timer.  They will come on at the same time each night.  The link to the string lights are at the bottom of the page.

Cloche With Twinkle Lights

One Of My All Time Favorites

I have to say one of my all time favorite things year round is our Urban Farmhouse Designs Signature Candle.  The smell is like no other.  People come from all over to purchase these candles and we can barley keep them in stock. If you’re in the mood to try a new candle out, I suggest this one.

For products I used that were not in the body of the blog you can find them here:



Christmas at Urban Farmhouse Designs….This is a drawing a local artist did of my #BELOVED Vintage 1989 Woody.  Here are a few pics of it in real life.  At the moment it sits in front of Urban with an actual Christmas Tree strapped to the top of it with working lights.  This rendering has been put on to t-shirts and is available only in-store at #UFD (for a limited time).  Like I always say, if you get a chance to VISIT Urban Farmhouse for the Holidays it is a Huge Treat! Bring your friends and Family.  We are a True destination spot for sure!





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Cherami Thomas
Cherami Thomas

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