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What Every Girl Wants For Valentines Day


It’s not as hard as you’d think to buy Wholesale Flowers.  Most cities have a Floral Wholesalers around.  You just have to ‘Google it’ and start making phone calls.  Which is exactly what I did, after I decided to build out a Floral Studio and Walk-In Cooler over in our Marketing and Development Center (more about my Walk-In Cooler below).  Once I found one Floral Wholesaler I asked if there were any more in the area and they kindly directed me to the others. This cut my search time in half.  I also asked what I needed to be able to purchase flowers from them.  They said that all I needed was my Tax ID number and I was set.  Not everyone has a Tax ID number but if you have your own business, you’re in luck!  I now can run in anytime and buy bundles of flowers whenever I want.

Farmgirl's Guide


Once you get your flowers home you need to cut at least an inch off the bottoms at a 45-degree angle.  They also suggest to cut them under water, but I have a huge industrial cutter mounted on the top of my work table, so I don’t usually do that.  This way when you put them in water they will be able to soak it up fast!  I always add some floral food to my water.  These Floral Food Packets come in packages of 100 and for $13 bucks you can’t beat it!  These packets are great for storing your bundles in until you create arrangements with them a few days later.  You can also put them in your freshly picked flowers from the field (your kids surprised you with) or use them in flowers you received from that special someone.  Now that we’ve covered the cutting and food part I’d like to tell you about a little trick I use to open my roses or any buds that are still tightly closed.  I take my finger and softly start to open them by running my finger in a circle around the top of the bud.  Once I get them to loosen and open up I stick them back in the water with food and let them continue to open for the next few days.   They always need to go back into your cooler and make sure to keep it around 36 degrees.


I love to Design things and floral arrangements are no different.  Many people think making an arrangement is difficult but if you stick to some basics you can’t go wrong.  Farmhouse Flowers look Amazing in a Mason Jar Vases.  If you are doing a large arrangement you’ll need to get a 1 Gallon Mason Jar.  I purchase mine at Hobby Lobby but you can buy them online here: XL Mason Jar Vase.  Be sure to trim the stems again when starting a new arrangement.  I like to add my greenery first by spreading it through the jar.  I then push it back so I can start adding in my color.  I start with the tallest (like snapdragons) and slowly keep adding.  When using bright colors like orange I like to add them in for a pop of color, but not use too many.  I love using the privet berries toward the bottom of the arrangement.  It gives it a more woodsy look.  Some people like more greenery and berries with less floral.  It really depends on you.  There’s no wrong way to do it!  I went with a little more Farmhouse Traditional arrangement for this post.

Flowers 1


Some of my Favorite Flowers to make the, Oh So Famous Farmhouse Bouquet, are listed below.  These are flowers that I usually purchase each time I go to the Flower Market.  I will get different varieties (if they have them) and different colors, but for the most part, they usually have these any time of the year.

Flower 2


Flowers are one of my FAVORITE past times!  I’ve always said, in another life, I’d like to be a Florist, Photographer, Event Planner and a Painter.  I seem to keep my life quite full with running Urban Farmhouse so until then I’ll just have to settle for being an amateur of all of those things.  My past time became more of a reality once we renovated our new Marketing and Development Center this last year.  I was finally able to have my very own floral area! Yippy!!!  This is something I’ve always dreamed of having.  I did a lot of research about floral coolers and supplies and as we all know, YouTube is the best teacher of all!  I ended up having my #UFD Crew build me a 10 x 10 room and insulate it (for my new walk-in Floral Cooler).  I purchased a CoolBot which hooks up to a simple window air-conditioning unit.  It basically overrides the unit so that it can take the temperature down to 36 degrees (which is ideal for fresh flowers).  Here is a link to buy a coolbot if anyone is interested in building there very own walk-in cooler for a fraction of the cost.  For all the Floral Supplies you will need to start a small Floral business check out Wholesale Flowers & Supplies and for lots more info and tips check out the Chrysal Website.


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To make it Easy on You this year Urban Farmhouse has come up with a Valentine’s Day Package that will sure to make your Special Someone’s Heart Swoon!  You can Pre-order these Fabulous Farmhouse Flowers & Signature #UFD Candles in this Cute Galvanized Bucket to pick up at Urban Farmhouse Feb. 12th, 13th & 14th.  You can also add an XL-Mason Jar Flower Vase & a #UFD Gift Card to your Package.


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