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Manufacturer's Warranty

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Manufacturers Warranty Information below is for reference only and subject to change without notice. All warranties do not cover rental or commercial use. Urban Farmhouse Designs gives a 1 year manufacturer warranty to the original purchaser only & not transferable. This covers our signature wood & upholstery pieces on any ordinary residential use up to one year. This Warranty does not apply to any product intentionally misused, or damage resulting from negligence, exposure to sun or climate change, rental or commercial use, or any other unreasonable uses. Also, the 1 Year Limited Warranty does not cover damage or failures due to the application of chemical treatment, improper cleaning, or abuse that is evident.

Reporting of Defects Any defects should be reported promptly to Urban Farmhouse Designs, accompanied with proof of purchase and picture to customerservice@urbanfarmhouse.com. If the repair is warranted the dealer will make arrangements with you for the repair. Urban Farmhouse will repair any defects within a one year timeframe for free.

Transportation This warranty does not cover the transportation of merchandise to be repaired or replaced. Urban Farmhouse will pick up & re-deliver merchandise for a minimum charge in the metropolitan area (20 mile radius). Outside the metro there will be an additional charge per mile. No transportation is available outside the state of Oklahoma or Texas. All covered repairs will be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Beyond the 1 Year Warranty For product more than ONE [1] year old, the original retail purchaser is responsible for labor fees in making the repair and also for transportation to & from Urban Farmhouse.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION The duration of this warranty begins at the date of delivery or pick-up by the customer. No representative, dealer, or employee of UFD has the authority to increase or alter the obligations or limitations under this warranty. This warranty does not apply to merchandise marked “AS-IS or FINAL” sale If a customer purchases items items so marked, the regular warranty is waived in the exchange for special price consideration. All sales are final on all special or customer orders.

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty