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Our Materials

Boxcar Flooring

When you think of old train cars you can just imagine all of the different types of things being loaded and unloaded across the country. What you might not think twice about is the flooring, the tough wood that holds and hauls things all over the US making up the base of these boxcars. It's ok, we won't hold it against you. Most train companies didn't think twice about it either, most of the time it was burned when taken out and replaced!

This old used and abused boxcar flooring makes up the bulk of our materials here at Urban Farmhouse Designs. We take this historic wood and restore it into beautiful dining tables, entertainment centers, coffee tables, and even bedroom furniture. Boxcar flooring isn't the only wood being given a new life around here.

Reclaimed Wood 

We source our wood and metal material from around the country. Indiana hay barns, historic buildings in Amarillo, TX, and scraps from Oklahoma Flour Mills make up a portion of the stock, but we are always on the lookout. Whenever, wherever, we seek reclaimed material that has a story. 

The results are spectacular and remarkably durable. Some of the most popular items are farmhouse-style dinner tables and benches. Metal and wood desks have also been a big seller. While much of the stock goes to residential customers, our company’s craftsmanship has opened the door to commercial clients as well. Due to the nature of the raw material, no two pieces are alike. Some designs have proved popular, but the end result is always unique. Nail holes, hinge marks, weathering and what-not, every item is a conversation piece.

Reclaimed People

Reclamation is at the heart—and soul—of our business model. We feel like we got a second chance so were happy to give the same courtesy to others. Many of the artisans working in our shop are hired from halfway houses. Sometimes you just need a second chance. We’re in position to give that to some people.

Our mission can be whittled down to a single sentence. “We sell reclaimed furniture, built out of reclaimed material and made by reclaimed people." Simple, sturdy and smartly done—Urban Farmhouse Designs is a business any Depression survivor would appreciate.