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Wirework Iron and Wood Rustic Ferris Wheel

This Wirework Iron and Wood Rustic Ferris Wheel will absolutely delight as a reminder of happy memories at carnivals and theme parks. Made from iron and wood, this Wirework Ferris wheel brings contrasting elements together to create a fun symbol and accurate replica. Rusting and charming, the Ferris wheel is a playful statement piece to add in any room. It can stand alone, especially at 20 cms (L) X 10 cms (W) X 30 cms (H); it's not an overly large objet d'art but not small enough to be overlooked. You can also pair it with other fun objects that make visitors smile and bring positive energy into your home. The Wirework Ferris wheel has 12 little chairs bracketed by two wire hoops that are anchored snugly to the wooden base. Reminiscent of carnivals past, this Ferris wheel can be an excellent conversation-starter.